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FY21 Salt Lake County Arts & Culture Resident Review

Strategic Plan


BALLET FOR ALIENS by Gerard Hernandez, Jenny Kokai, and Oliver Kokai-Means (SY23) "The students were interested in the technical aspects of the play (such as playwright and props). We went to recess directly following the play and I've never seen the students role playing and using imaginative play as 4th graders as [much] as I did right after. I hope they keep that up!" - Jennifer Parks, Fourth Grade Teacher, Advantage Arts Academy, Charter

ALLI AND #3 by Debora Threedy (SY22) “Thank you for creating material that was grounded in the standards. As an arts integration specialist, it was the only reason I was able to show [the video-on-demand] to my classes. I was offered several productions but had to turn them down for this reason. Keeping it standards-focused with prompting questions was a smart move on your part. Great job!” - Jon R. Thomas, Arts Integration Specialist, Maeser and Discovery Elementaries, Uintah School District

PRESENTING: SUPER CAT AND REPTILE ROBOT by Rachel Bublitz (SY21): "We listened and really enjoyed learning how to build better relationships with our friends. Plus, the interactive packet was awesome to help keep the students engaged." - Renee Linford, 1st grade teacher, Jeremy Ranch Elementary, Park City School District 

FLORA MEETS A BEE by Morag Shepherd (SY20): "I love Plan-B Theatre because not only do they have excellent actors, but they are really great at teaching us things." - Chris Whitaker, Principal, Foxboro Elementary, Davis School District

ZOMBIE THOUGHTS by Jenny Kokai and Oliver Kokai-Means (SY19): "This was amazing! Quite possibly the best assembly I've ever been to in my almost 10 years of teaching! It was so well done, meaningful and relevant!" - Jessica Shroeder, Third Grade Teacher, Riley Elementary, Salt Lake City School District

RIVER.SWAMP.CAVE.MOUNTAIN. by Elaine Jarvik (SY18): "It kept our younger students captivated and interested. It was simple and effective and our students truly did stay with the actors and were given a good learning opportunity. Our rural school needs more opportunities to have these types of experiences. A BIG thanks to Plan-B!" - Nick Reynolds, Principal, Panguitch Elementary, Garfield County School District