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FY21 Salt Lake County Arts & Culture Resident Review

Strategic Plan


ALLI AND #3 by Debora Threedy (SY22) “Thank you for creating material that was grounded in the standards. As an arts integration specialist, it was the only reason I was able to show to my classes. I was offered several productions but had to turn them down for this reason. Keeping it standards-focused with prompting questions was a smart move on your part. Great job!” - Jon R. Thomas, Arts Integration Specialist, Maeser and Discovery Elementaries, Uintah School District

PRESENTING: SUPER CAT AND REPTILE ROBOT by Rachel Bublitz (SY21): "We listened and really enjoyed learning how to build better relationships with our friends. Plus, the interactive packet was awesome to help keep the students engaged." - Renee Linford, 1st grade teacher, Jeremy Ranch Elementary, Park City School District 

FLORA MEETS A BEE by Morag Shepherd (SY20): "I love Plan-B Theatre because not only do they have excellent actors, but they are really great at teaching us things." - Chris Whitaker, Principal, Foxboro Elementary, Davis School District

ZOMBIE THOUGHTS by Jenny Kokai and Oliver Kokai-Means (SY19): "This was amazing! Quite possibly the best assembly I've ever been to in my almost 10 years of teaching! It was so well done, meaningful and relevant!" - Jessica Shroeder, Third Grade Teacher, Riley Elementary, Salt Lake City School District

RIVER.SWAMP.CAVE.MOUNTAIN. by Elaine Jarvik (SY18): "It kept our younger students captivated and interested. It was simple and effective and our students truly did stay with the actors and were given a good learning opportunity. Our rural school needs more opportunities to have these types of experiences. A BIG thanks to Plan-B!" - Nick Reynolds, Principal, Panguitch Elementary, Garfield County School District