As they embark on the most wonderful/awesome/amazing sleepover in recorded history, nearly-ten-year-old Cass (aka Super Cat) and ten-year-old Ray (aka Reptile Robot) grapple with who gets to call the shots and how to tell someone tickling just isn‘t your thing.

An interactive tale of boundaries and superheroes.
With a magic remote. And s’mores.

Students in grades 2-4 will meet Core Standards in drama, mathematics, language arts, science and engineering, social studies, and health education.

Intended Learning Outcomes include empowering students to (1) Communicate personal boundaries and respect the personal boundaries of others; (2) Speak up when they are uncomfortable with a social situation; (3) Be sensitive to the discomfort of others by reading body language or other social cues; and (4) Respond respectfully to differences in opinions or preferences, understanding that friends do not always have to like the same things. 

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