About Us


We are in our fourth decade of developing and producing unique and socially conscious theatre created by Utah playwrights.

We acknowledge the Timpanogos, Newe Sogobia (Eastern Shoshone), Goshute, and Núu-agha-tʉvʉ-pʉ̱ (Ute) Nations as the original caretakers of the unceded, ancestral land on which we create the work we share with our statewide audience.

“At Plan-B’s core are local playwrights and theatre professionals, helmed by Artistic Director Jerry Rapier, who embrace progressivism, inclusion, diversity and equality. Plan-B also has a delightfully subversive streak that challenges expectations, power and the status quo.” - Salt Lake Magazine, Best of the Beehive, Arts & Entertainment


We believe the safer the work environment, the better the work. We believe in being accountable for our actions, acknowledging our past mistakes, and learning from them to create meaningful and lasting change.

We are committed to authentic, non-tokenized, long-term support of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) artists, patrons, and students.

We strive to create a community where patrons and artists feel equally at home. We embrace and elevate BIPOC, queer, and female artists, patrons, and students, including those with visible or invisible disabilities.

We use BIPOC when Indigenous persons are involved; otherwise we use of color. We use person-first language regarding those with disabilities. We use queer in its most expansive form. 

To that end, each company decision reflects our commitment to representation.

This living document grows and changes to reflect our growth and change.


We are the first professional arts organization in Utah history led by a person of color.

We are the first professional arts organization in Utah history led by a majority-POC board.

We are anti-racist and anti-racism.

We are anti-ableist and anti-ableism.

We embrace gender diversity and are committed to gender parity.

We are committed to queer equality.

We support bodily autonomy.

We support protections for the Indigenous, the undocumented, and the Dreamers.

Black Lives Matter.

Stop Asian Hate.


As recipients of Salt Lake City's Mayor's Artist Award for Service to the Arts by An Organization and Utah's Governor's Leadership in the Arts Award, we combat predominantly white and male systems, behaviors, and points of view with our generations-long commitment to reflect the Title I audiences served by our free, statewide education programs in every aspect of our work.

Since 2001, we have been Utah's only theatre company committed to creating queer work each season. This commitment has been recognized with Organization of the Year Awards from Equality Utah, Human Rights Campaign, and Transgender Education Advocates of Utah (twice).

Since 2009, the LGBTQ+-Affirmative Therapists Guild of Utah has offered continuing education units (CEUs) to its members for attending each of our productions, whether or not they are queer-themed, to broaden the perspective of their individual practices.

Since 2010, we have ensured gender parity among all artists with whom we have collaborated. This commitment has been recognized with three 50/50 Applause Awards from the International Centre for Women Playwrights and the inaugural PAAL Award for parent-inclusive practices from the national Parent-Artist Advocacy League for the Performing Arts + Media.

Since 2015, we have produced the first world premieres in Utah history by Asian, Black, Latina, and Persian playwrights.

Since 2017, when we convened the first meeting of artists of color in the history of Salt Lake City and subsequently formed the ongoing Theatre Artists of Color Writing Workshop, 55% of the total number of artists we have collaborated with have identified as BIPOC.

In 2018, an all-female-identifying committee (three trustees, two staff, a stage manager, a playwright, and an actor) representing a range of ages, races, and orientations, developed a comprehensive Anti-Discrimination & Harassment Policy to ensure that we provide the safest possible work environment. Once approved by an employment attorney, this policy was split into two documents, the second being Production Standards.

The former is a legal document requiring signature, providing extensive protections for artists and a clear path for registering a complaint or voicing a concern without repercussion. The latter is the facing pages of every draft of every script we send to artists, detailing unacceptable behaviors while under our employ. This living document is updated as needed with input from the artists with whom we collaborate.

In 2021, Salt Lake City's Downtown Alliance honored us with its Achievement Award in the Arts for more than 30 years of amplifying diverse voices.

In 2022, Westminster University's Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion honored us with its Unsung Hero Award for promoting a diverse and inclusive community along the Wasatch Front.

In 2022, we enacted our three-year plan to ensure our commitment to accessibility is on the same level as our commitments
 to parity and representation. We have expanded our accessibility offerings to include:
- monthly website audits via AccessiBe to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
- 18-point font website-wide.
- Accommodations Request Forms for Patrons and Artists.
- free app with increased font size.
- large-print scripts.
- digital playbills.
- audio playbills.
- ASL-interpreted performances.
- sensory-friendly performances.
- assisted listening devices.

In 2023, Honor Roll! Honors, an advocacy and action group of more than 1,800 playwrights women+ playwrights nationwide, awarded Individual Achievement Awards to Managing Director Cheryl Ann Cluff and Artistic Director Jerry Rapier for their history of producing work by women+ playwrights over the age 40.

In 2022, 2023 and 2024, Feedspot ranked ours among the 10 best RSS Feeds for playwrights among thousands worldwide.

Plan-B is supported in part by Salt Lake County Arts & Culture as a Resident of the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center.

As an Associate Member of the National New Play Network, Plan-B operates under an SPT-4 agreement with Actors' Equity Association, and on the Tier Contract with the Stage Directors & Choreographers Society.

We comply with Utah Nonprofit Association's Standards of Ethics.

Recent 990s and audited financials available via the Financials button below.


Jerry Rapier, Artistic Director (he/him)
Cheryl Ann Cluff, Managing Director (she/her)
Sharah Meservy, Education Coordinator (she/her)
Kallie Filanda, Tour Manager/Education Assistant (she/her)
Janice Chan, Resident Scenic Designer

Each staff member has been through the Breaking Barriers training and shares the Accessibility Coordinator responsibilities.

Board of Directors

Benjamin Brown (he/him)
Chris Curlett, Treasurer (he/him)
Lily Hye Soo Dixon (she/her)
Marika Lyons (she/her)
Jesse Nix (he/him)
Melissa Salguero (she/her)
Kay Shean (she/her)
Rocio Soto (she/her)

The Lab Playwrights

Matthew Ivan Bennett (he/him)  |  Elaine Jarvik (she/her)  |  Julie Jensen  (she/her) |  Janine Sobeck Knighton (she/her)  |  Jenny Kokai  |  Melissa Leilani Larson (she/her)  |  Morag Shepherd  |  Debora Threedy (she/her)

The Lab Dramaturgs

Charisse Baxter (she/her)  |  Greg Hatch (he/him)

Theatre Artists of Color Writing Workshop Playwrights

Tatiana Christian (they/them)  |  Chris Curlett (he/him)  |  Dee-Dee Darby-Duffin (she/her)  |  Courtney Dilmore (she/her)  |  Bijan Hosseini (he/him) |  Tito Livas (he/him)  |  Iris Salazar (she/her)  |  Darryl Stamp (he/him)

Teaching Artists

Estephani Cerros (she/her)  |  Amona Faatau (he/him)  |  Kallie Filanda (she/her)  |  Ashlei Havili (she/her)  |  Talia Heiss (she/her)  |  Alec Kalled  (he/him)  |  Joe Joseph (she/her)  |  Sharah Meservy (she/her)  |  Jay Perry (he/him)  |  Darryl Stamp (he/him)  |  Taylor Wallace (she/her)  |  Benjamin Young (he/him)